EPRG Working Papers-2012

EPRG 1201 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Dan Eager, Benjamin Hobbs and Janusz Bialek: Dynamic Long-Term Modelling of Generation Capacity Investment and Capacity Margins: a GB Market Case Study

EPRG1202  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Philipp-Bastian Brutscher: Making Sense of Oil Stamp Saving Schemes

EPRG1204  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Raphael J. Heffron: Nuclear New Build in the United States 1990-2010: A Three State Analysis

EPRG 1205  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Anthony Thomas and Raphael J. Heffron: Third Party Nuclear Liability: The Case of A Supplier in the United Kingdom

EPRG1206  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Stephen Bordignon and Stephen Littlechild: The Hunter Valley Access Undertaking: elements of a negotiated settlement

EPRG 1207 Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Philipp-Bastian Brutscher: Self-disconnection among pre-payment customers: a behavioural analysis

EPRG 1208  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Michael G. Pollitt: The role of policy in energy transitions: lessons from the energy liberalisation era

EPRG 1209  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Par Holmberg and Ewa Lazarcyzk: Congestion management in electricity networks: Nodal, zonal and discriminatory pricing

EPRG 1210  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Luis Orea and Jevgenijs Steinbuks: Estimating Market Power in Homogeneous Product Markets Using a Composed Error Model: Application to the California Electricity Market

EPRG 1211  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Reyyan Koc, Nikolaos K. Kazantzis, William J. Nuttall and Yi Hua Ma: Economic Rationale for Safety Investment in Integrated Gasification Combined-Cycle Gas Turbine Membrane Reactor Modules

EPRG 1212  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Erkan Erdogdu: The Political Economy of Electricity Market Liberalization: A Cross-country Approach

EPRG 1213  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David Newbery: The Robustness of Agent-Based Models of Electricity Wholesale Markets

EPRG 1214  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Dominik Ruderer and Gregor Zoettl: The Impact of Transmission Pricing in Network Industries

EPRG 1215  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Dominique Finon and Guy Meunier: Option values of low carbon technology policies: how to combine irreversibility effects and learning-by-doing in decisions

EPRG 1216  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Erkan Erdogdu: A cross-country analysis of electricity market reforms: potential contribution of new institutional economics

EPRG 1217  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF | Appendix

S.F. Ashley, R.A. Fenner, W.J. Nuttall and G.T. Parks: Sustainability indicators for open-cycle Thorium-fuelled nuclear energy

EPRG 1219  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Scott Kelly, Michael Pollitt and Doug Crawford-Brown: Building performance evaluation and certification in the UK: a critical review of SAP?

EPRG1220  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Helena Meier, Tooraj Jamasb, Luis Orea: Household Energy Spending and Income in Britain 1991 – 2007

EPRG1221  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Thomas Greve and Michael G. Pollitt: Designing electricity transmission auctions: an introduction to the relevant literature

EPRG 1222  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Alireza Talaei, Katherine Begg, Tooraj Jamasb: The Large Scale Roll-Out of Electric Vehicles: The Effect on the Electricity Sector and CO2 Emissions

EPRG 1223  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb and Rabindra Nepal: Security of the European Electricity Systems: Conceptualizing the Assessment Criteria and Core Indicators

EPRG 1224  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Pär Holmberg and Bert Willems: Relaxing competition through speculation: Committing to a negative supply slope

EPRG 1225  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Philipp Koenig: The effect of LNG on the relationship between UK and Continental European natural gas markets

EPRG 1226  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Aoife Brophy Haney and Michael G. Pollitt: International Benchmarking of Electricity Transmission by Regulators: Theory and Practice

EPRG 1227  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Mallika Chawla and Michael G. Pollitt

Energy-efficiency and environmental policies & income supplements in the UK: Their evolution and distributional impact in relation to domestic energy bills

EPRG 1228  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

K.A. Daniels, H.E. Huppert, J.A. Neufeld, D. Reiner: The current state of CCS: Ongoing research at the University of Cambridge with application to the UK policy framework