Simon Taylor – recipient of the 2017 CJBS Sandra Dawson Research Impact Award

We are delighted to announce that Simon Taylor, EPRG Associate Researcher, is the winner of the 2017 Cambridge Judge Business School Sandra Dawson Research Impact Award. Funded by a generous donation from Professor Dame Sandra Dawson, the annual Research Impact Awards recognise the impact of our research on non-academic stakeholders. Awards are made on the basis of Reach: the extent and diversity of the organisations that have benefited from the research, and Significance: the degree to which the impact has influenced or changed the policies, opportunities, perspectives or practice of non-academic organisations.

Simon Taylor received the award for his research on ‘An analytical history of nuclear power in the UK’. His research is intended to inform the government, energy analysts and academics, investors and the general public about what can be learned from the history of the UK’s experience with nuclear power and to analyse the current policy framework’s strengths and weaknesses.

The key output recently has been a book The Fall and Rise of Nuclear Power in Britain – A History, which builds on his earlier book Privatisation and Financial Collapse in the Nuclear Industry: The Origins and Causes of the British Energy Crisis of 2002 and a number of working papers and other publications, including several blog posts. Simon’s book has attracted media, industry and academic interest and has attracted praise from both sides of this issue (pro and anti-nuclear), ensuring that it is seen as objective and dispassionate.  It has also informed policy makers, investors and economists, and has therefore had extensive impact.

Congratulations to Simon!


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