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EPRG 0602

Xinmin Hu, Daniel Ralph Using EPECs to Model Bilevel Games in Restructured Electricity Markets with Locational Prices EPRG 0602 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: We study a bilevel noncooperative game-theoretic model of restructured electricity markets, with locational marginal prices. Each player faces a bilevel optimization problem that we remodel as a mathematical program with equilibrium… Continue Reading

EPRG 0829

Pär Holmberg, David Newbery and Daniel Ralph Supply Function Equilibria: Step functions and continuous representations EPRG 0829 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Holmberg, P,Newbery D & Ralph, D, “Supply Function Equilibria: Step functions and continuous representations”, Journal of Economic Theory, Volume 148, pp 1509-1551 | Text Abstract: In most wholesale electricity markets generators… Continue Reading

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