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David Tingle

David TingleD.Tingle

Doctoral Candidate, Department of Government, Georgetown University (Washington DC)

Biography: David Tingle studies international relations (IR) and international political economy (IPE) with a focus on energy, trade, and foreign direct investment. His dissertation examines the causes and consequences of international investments made by state-owned enterprises. While visiting at EPRG David is working with Dr. Reiner on a related project to do with Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) National Oil Companies and their role in GCC development. David has previously completed degrees at the University of Toronto (BA) and McGill University (MA). 

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Hao Yu

Hao Yu PhD candidate in Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEP), Beijing Institute of Technology, China (http://www.ceep.net.cn/) E-mail: [email protected] Research areas: Energy and environmental policy; Low-carbon energy; Energy efficiency Publications : [1] Hao Yu, Bao-Jun Tang, Xiao-Chen Yuan, Shouyang Wang, Yi-Ming Wei. How do the appliance energy standards work in China? Evidence from… Continue Reading

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