2020 EPRG Online Winter Seminar

EPRG is pleased to announce our successful 2020 Online Winter Seminar in partnership with FTI Consulting and Compass Lexecon. The event took place on 3 and 4 December 2020 and consisted of 4 sessions.


3 December 2020

SESSION 1 – Panel discussion: “Green Growth: Harnessing Economic Opportunities while Meeting Climate Policy Targets”

Chair: David Reiner (EPRG)

Daniel Wetzel (IEA)

Joe Perkins (FTI/CL)

Kamiar Mohaddes (EPRG/CJBS)

Alice Barrs (RWE)

SESSION 2 Net Zero and Challenges to the Current Electricity Market Design

Chair: Alaric Marsden (FTI/CL)

Jason Mann (FTI/CL) Global trends in electricity market design

Ben Hobbs (CAISO & JHU) Future electricity market design: a perspective from US & CAISO

Kayte O’Neill (NG ESO) Net zero and the future of wholesale electricity market in GB

4 December 2020

SESSION 3 Evolution in Carbon Markets and Pricing

Chair: Robert Ritz (EPRG)

Fabien Roques (FTI/CL) Carbon pricing policies to drive Europe’s decarbonisation

Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Should the EU ETS be extended to heat and transport

SESSION 4 The Role of Renewables in Delivering Net Zero

Chair: David Sanders (FTI/CL)

Vassilis Charitopoulos (EPRG & UCL) on the role of wind energy in deep decarbonization pathways

Martina Lindovska (FTI/CL) Models for hybrid assets combining offshore wind and interconnectors

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