C. K. Chyong quoted in “Never Ending Story Of Opportunities: Caspian Blue Energy Is Salvation For EU”, Eurasia Review, 20 April 2015

Chi Kong Chyong was quoted in Eurasia Review, an independent on-line journal and think tank, on possibilities and challenges for Caspian countries, like Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Iran, to be gas suppliers to the EU. The article also appeared in AzerNews and New Europe.

“Azerbaijan is perhaps the only supplier in the region able to respond to the EU’s gas diversification strategy away from Russia.”

“Turkmenistan’s rich gas reserves are a logical source for European supplies, but Europe partially lost the Turkmen reserves to China.”

“Uzbekistan’s gas supplies to Europe also face constraints; its commitment to supply to China, and a more serious problem – supply route to Europe would have to go through Caspian Sea or Russia.”

“Iran’s gas resources … are in the south of the country and hence would require substantial investment to build new and modernize existing pipelines to bring gas to the north-west to tap into Europe’s southern gas corridor.”

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