C.K. Chyong quoted in “Turkish Stream Project Success Promises Benefits, Profits To Many South-Eastern EU States”, PenzaNews, 10 April 2015

Chi Kong Chyong was quoted in PenzaNews, an independent on-line news agency in Penza, Russia, on possible perspectives and benefits for Europe by using different gas suppliers, and on the outcomes if Turkish Stream is built in full.

“Co-existence between the two (gas suppliers from Russia and Azerbaijan) is not an issue, at least for Europe as the clients of Russian and Azeri gas – the more competition between the suppliers, the better for the consumers.”

“Turkey is one of the fastest growing gas markets in the region, and hence for Gazprom, having already invested a substantial amount of money, it makes sense to build at least the first two lines of the Turkish Stream. The first line will replace the existing flows from Russia through Ukraine to Turkey, and the second line should serve as an option for Gazprom to meet any additional demand from Turkey.” 

The full version of the article can be found here

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