It has become clear that defining emission targets alone will not suffice to guide cooperation with developing countries. Cooperation on technology, capacity building, and direct provision of financial support is receiving increasing attention. This has raised the question of which indicators can be used to measure such activities.

So far, CO2 emissions measurements are the only quantitative indicators required under the UN framework convention on Climate Change. But obviously many other indicators using measurements of qualitative and quantitative data are possible. A wide range of indicators are used across different sectors and organisations. The question is, what can we learn from these experiences in other fields for the design of a UN framework and specific mechanisms for climate cooperation?

Could you please complete the attached survey and share some of your experiences with the  design, collection or use of indicators? The survey can be returned as word doc, paper or fax or answered online.

This work is part of our current project, International Support for Domestic Action, and the data will be shared with all participants.

Download the Survey

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