ISDA – Country Study Workshops

To provide input for ISDA project, country study workshops addressing developing country priorities will be held during April and May 2009. The workshops aim to discuss domestic barriers, how can success of  domestic action can be managed and measured, and what type of international support mechanisms can enhance scale, scope and speed of implementation?

The workshops are part of the project ISDCP phase II – which aims to address three objectives by July 2009:

– Explore the details of and perspectives on domestic implementation of policies with climate co-benefits using a bottom-up approach, including assessment of the necessary policy indicators for intermediary outcomes.

– Evaluate different options for institutional settings to provide international support for technology development and transfer, including technical assistance, technology cooperation and financial transfers.

– Identify opportunities to anchor the approach in the UNFCCC negotiation process combining the resources discussed under the finance track with the institutional cooperation emerging under the technology track. Particular attention will be given to a Monitoring-Reporting and Verification (MRV) approach.
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