EPRG Working Papers-2010

EPRG 1001 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Anupama Sen and Tooraj Jamasb: The Economic Effects of Electricity Deregulation: An Empirical Analysis of Indian States

EPRG 1002  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Michael G. Pollitt: UK Renewable Energy Policy Since Privatisation

EPRG 1003 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb and Helena Meier: Household Energy Expenditure and Income Groups: Evidence from Great Britain

EPRG 1004  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tim Laing and Michael Grubb: The Impact of Instrument Choice on Investment in Abatement Technologies: A Case Study of Tax versus Trade Incentives for CCS and Biomass for Electricity

EPRG 1005  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Aurélie Méjean and Chris Hope: Supplying Synthetic Crude Oil from Canadian Oil Sands: A Comparative Study of the Costs and CO2 Emissions of Mining and In-situ Recovery

EPRG 1006  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jevgenijs Steinbuks and Karsten Neuhoff: Operational and Investment Response to Energy Prices in the OECD Manufacturing Sector

EPRG 1007  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Pär Holmberg and David Newbery: The supply function equilibrium and its policy implications for wholesale electricity auctions

EPRG 1008  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Sachi Findlater and Pierre Noël: Gas Supply Security in the Baltic States: A Qualitative Assessment

EPRG 1009  Abstract | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Karim L. Anaya: The Restructuring and Privatisation of the Peruvian Electricity Distribution Market

EPRG 1010 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Benjamin F. Hobbs, James Bushnell and Frank A. Wolak: Upstream vs. Downstream CO2 Trading: A Comparison for the Electricity Context

EPRG 1011 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

David M. Newbery: A Nuclear Future? UK Government Policy and the Role of the Market

EPRG 1012 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Aoife Brophy Haney and Michael G. Pollitt: Exploring the Determinants of “best practice” in Network Regulation: The Case of the Electricity Industry

EPRG 1013 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Steven J. Steer, Michel-Alexandre Cardin, William J. Nuttall, Geoffrey T. Parks and Leonardo V. N. Gonçalves: Hedging Against Technology Risks of the Accelerator System of a First-of-a-Kind Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Reactor

EPRG 1014  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Lin Fan, Benjamin F. Hobbs and Catherine S. Norman: Risk Aversion and CO2 Regulatory Uncertainty in Power Generation Investment: Policy and Modeling Implications

EPRG 1015  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Jevgenijs Steinbuks: Interfuel Substitution and Energy Use in the UK Manufacturing Sector

EPRG 1016  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Yves Smeers, Giorgia Oggioni, Elisabetta Allevi and Siegfried Schaible: Generalized Nash Equilibrium and Market Coupling in the European Power System

EPRG 1017  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Stephen Littlechild: The Creation of a Market for Retail Electricity Supply

EPRG 1018 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF | Cost Model

Michel-Alexandre Cardin, Steven J. Steer, William J. Nuttall, Geoffrey T. Parks, Leonardo V.N. Gonçalves, Richard de Neufville: Minimizing the Cost of Innovative Nuclear Technology Through Flexibility: The Case of a Demonstration Accelerator-Driven Subcritical Reactor Park

EPRG 1019 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Andreas Ehrenmann and Yves Smeers: Stochastic Equilibrium Models for Generation Capacity Expansion

EPRG 1020 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb, Luis Orea, Michael G. Pollitt: Weather Factors and Performance of Network Utilities: A Methodology and Application to Electricity Distribution

EPRG 1021 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Thomas P. Triebs and Michael G. Pollitt: Is Privatization Enough? Finding Performance Breaks for UK Power Plants

EPRG 1022 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Harry van der Weijde and Benjamin F. Hobbs: Locational-based Coupling of Electricity Markets: Benefits from Coordinating Unit Commitment and Balancing Markets

EPRG 1023 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF | Appendix

David M Newbery: Oil Shortages, Climate Change and Collective Action

EPRG 1024 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Thomas P. Triebs, Michael G. Pollitt and John E. Kwoka: The Direct Costs and Benefits of US Electric Utility Divestitures

EPRG 1025 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Christian Growitsch, Tooraj Jamasb, and Heike Wetzel: Efficiency Effects of Quality of Service and Environmental Factors: Experience from Norwegian Electricity Distribution

EPRG 1026 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Chi Kong Chyong, Pierre Noёl and David M. Reiner: The Economics of the Nord Stream Pipeline System

EPRG 1027 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tooraj Jamasb, Luis Orea and Michael G. Pollitt: Estimating Marginal Cost of Quality Improvements: The Case of the UK Electricity Distribution Companies

EPRG 1028 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Helena Meier: Health Satisfaction and Energy Spending

EPRG 1029 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF 

Aurélie Méjean and Chris Hope: The Effect of CO2 Pricing on Conventional and Non-Conventional Oil Supply and Demand

EPRG 1030 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Aoife Brophy Haney and Michael G. Pollitt: New Models of Public Ownership in Energy

EPRG 1031 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Florent Silve and Pierre Noël: Cost Curves for Gas Supply Security: The Case of Bulgaria

EPRG 1032 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Tim Laing and Michael Grubb: Low Carbon Electricity Investment: The Limitations of Traditional Approaches and a Radical Alternative

EPRG 1033 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Vladimir Parail: Properties of Electricity Prices and the Drivers of Interconnector Revenue

EPRG 1034 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

Aoife Brophy Haney, Tooraj Jamasb, Laura M. Platchkov, Michael G. Pollitt: Demand-side Management Strategies and the Residential Sector: Lessons from International Experience

EPRG 1035 | Non-Technical Summary | PDFD

Dominique Finon: The Efficiency of Policy Instruments for the Deployment of CCS as a Large-sized Technology

EPRG 1036  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF

François Lévêque: France’s new Electricity Act: a barrier against the market and the European Union