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EP 07

Richard Gilbert, Karsten Neuhoff, David Newbery Allocating Transmission to Mitigate Market Power in Electricity Networks EP 07 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: We ask what conditions transmission contracts increase or mitigate market power. We show that the allocation process of transmission rights is crucial. In an efficient arbitraged uniform price auction, generators will only… Continue Reading

EP 06

Tanga McDaniel, Karsten Neuhoff Auctions to gas transmission access: The British experience EP 06 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: When access to monopoly owned networks is constrained auctioning access rights can increase the efficiency of allocations relative to negotiation and grandfathering when there is sufficient competition among network users. Historically, access rights to entry… Continue Reading

EP 05

Karsten Neuhoff Optimal congestion treatment for bilateral electricity trading EP 05  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: How to treat transmission constraints in electricity markets that are not based on a pool but on bilateral trading? Three approaches are currently discussed: First, the system operator resolves constraints and socialises costs; second, physical transmission contracts; third,… Continue Reading

EP 04

Tanga McDaniel, Karsten Neuhoff Use of long-term auctions for network investment EP 04  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: Short-term auctions for access to entry terminals of the British gas-network appear to successfully allocate scarce resources and capture scarcity rent. Now long-term auctions are being introduced to guide future capacity expansion decisions. In our model… Continue Reading

EPRG 0809

Karsten Neuhoff Learning by Doing with Constrained Growth Rates and Application to Energy Technology Policy EPRG 0809 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: Learning by doing attributes cost reductions of a technology to cumulative investment and thus experience. This paper argues that the additional dimension of investment volume growth rate has to be considered. This growth… Continue Reading

EPRG 0934

Karsten Neuhoff, Morgan Bazilian, Jean Charles Hourcade, Adam Rysanek, Simone Cooper, Ilian Iliev, Anoop Singh, Aaron Cosbey, Helen Jackson, Judith Sykes, Heleen de Coninck, Tim Laing, Frauke Urban, Max Edkins, Sarah Lester, Marcia Valle Real, Sam Fankhauser Haraldo, Machado Filho, John Ward, William Gboney, Andrew Marquard, Harald Winkler, Emmanuel Guerin, Ranjita Rajan, Sara Wolcott, Xiliang… Continue Reading

EPRG 0933

Karsten Neuhoff, Sam Fankhauser, Emmanuel Guerin, Jean Charles Hourcade, Helen Jackson, Ranjita Rajan, John Ward Structuring International Financial Support for Climate Change Mitigation in Developing Countries EPRG 0933 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Neuhoff, K, Fankhauser, S, Guerin, E, Hourcade, J.C., Jackson, H, Rajan, R, Ward, J, “Structuring International Financial Support for Climate… Continue Reading

EPRG 0932

Karsten Neuhoff, Simone Cooper, Tim Laing, Sarah Lester, Adam Rysanek Indicator Choices and Tradeoffs: Facilitating the Success of International Climate Policies and Projects EPRG 0932 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract:  To inform the question of whether current monitoring and reporting structure under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) can effectively support successful… Continue Reading

EPRG 0931

Ilian Iliev & Karsten Neuhoff Intellectual Property: Cross-licensing, Patent Pools and Cooperative Standards as a Channel for Climate Change Technology Cooperation EPRG 0931 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Iliev, I. and Neuhoff, K., (2009), “Intellectual property: Cross-licensing, Patent Pools and Cooperative Standards as a Channel for Climate Change Technology Cooperation”. Climate Strategies Paper:… Continue Reading

EPRG 0922

Jevgenijs Steinbuks, Andreia Meshreky, and Karsten Neuhoff The Effect of Energy Prices on Operation and Investment in OECD Countries: Evidence from the Vintage Capital Model EPRG 0922 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: This paper analyzes the effect of energy prices on energy efficiency, separately accounting for operational and investment choices in different sectors. For this… Continue Reading

EPRG 0917

Thomas Weber and Karsten Neuhoff Carbon Markets and Technological Innovation EPRG 0917 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Weber, T. A. and Neuhoff, K. (2010), Carbon Markets and Technological Innovation, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 60(2) Abstract: This paper examines the effects of firm-level innovation in carbon-abatement technologies on optimal cap-and-trade schemes with… Continue Reading

EPRG 0909

Sarah Lester and Karsten Neuhoff Understanding the Role of Policy Targets in National and International Governance EPRG 0909 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Lester, S. and Neuhoff, K. (2009), Policy Targets: Lessons for Effective Implementation of Climate Actions, Climate Policy 9(5) Abstract: The paper surveys the literature on policy targets in order to… Continue Reading

EPRG 0908

Karsten Neuhoff Implementing the EU Renewables Directive EPRG 0908 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: The European Renewables Directive requires Member States to deliver on average 20% of their final energy consumption by 2020 using renewable energy sources. To deliver this target, Member States have to adjust planning procedures, evaluate energy market design, provide grid and… Continue Reading

EPRG 0907

Karsten Neuhoff International Support for Domestic Climate Policies EPRG 0907 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: Neuhoff, K. (2009), Understanding the Roles and Interactions of International Cooperation on Domestic Climate Policies, Climate Policy 9(5) Abstract: Domestic climate policies play an important part in shifting countries towards a low-carbon development trajectory. Six case studies explore… Continue Reading

EPRG 1006

Jevgenijs Steinbuks and Karsten Neuhoff Operational and Investment Response to Energy Prices in the OECD Manufacturing Sector EPRG 1006  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: This paper estimates the vintage capital model of energy demand and examines operational and investment responses to energy prices at disaggregate level using data from five OECD manufacturing industries. Applying… Continue Reading

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