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EPRG 0916

Pierre Noel A Market Between Us: Reducing the Political Cost of Europe’s Dependence on Russian Gas EPRG 0916 Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: The geopolitical implications of Europe’s reliance on Russian gas are a prominent source of concerns among European (and even American) policy makers. We analyse the dynamics of the European Union’s gas supply… Continue Reading

EPRG 1031

Florent Silve and Pierre Noël Cost Curves for Gas Supply Security: The Case of Bulgaria EPRG 1031 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: We evaluate the cost-effectiveness of various policy options and infrastructure investment proposals to improve the security of gas supply in Bulgaria, one of the most gas insecure countries in the European Union.… Continue Reading

EPRG 1026

Chi Kong Chyong, Pierre Noёl and David M. Reiner The Economics of the Nord Stream Pipeline System EPRG 1026 | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Abstract: We calculate the total cost of building Nord Stream and compare its levelised unit transportation cost with the existing options to transport Russian gas to western Europe. We find that… Continue Reading

EPRG 1008

Sachi Findlater and Pierre Noël Gas Supply Security in the Baltic States: A Qualitative Assessment EPRG 1008  | Non-Technical Summary | PDF Also published in: International Journal of Energy Sector Management 4 (2) 2010, 236-255. Available from Emerald Abstract:  In a setting of increasing European concern over gas supply security, this article provides an empirical… Continue Reading