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Journal Articles: Trilogy by S. Littlechild, Utilities Policy, Vol 73, December 2021

Utilities Policy, Volume 73, December 2021, contains a Special Issue on the Liittlechild Trilogy. These are three articles by Stephen Littlechild on the theme of Exploring customer satisfaction in the GB retail energy sector. The first two describe the use of the Trustpilot customer review site, particularly by GB energy suppliers, and the third calculates… Continue Reading

Presentation “Some issues in the UK retail energy market” by S. Littlechild

Stephen Littlechild gave a presentation “Some issues in the UK retail energy market” on 2 June 2021. Stephen discussed the impacts of the tariff cap, including some developments in supplier pricing policies. He put some arguments for removing the cap, facilitated by a transition away from it, and discussed developments in the Overall Customer Satisfaction… Continue Reading

Article “Developments in the Overall Customer Satisfaction League” by S. Littlechild

Some years ago, Stephen Littlechild developed the concept of an Overall Customer Satisfaction score for suppliers in Great Britain’s retail energy sector (Utilities Policy, vol 73, December 2021). You can read the article here The calculations are updated several times a year as Ofgem, Citizens Advice and Which? ratings are updated, and the updates are… Continue Reading

Article “Ofgem’s customer complaints – Is anyone listening?” by S. Littlechild

Stephen Littlechild published an article “Ofgem’s customer complaints – Is anyone listening?” in Utility Week on 31 July 2020. In this article Stephen Littlechild asks whether it is worthwhile requiring energy retailers to publish quarterly complaints statistics when there are questions over both its consistency and actual value. To read the article on Utilty Week… Continue Reading

Report “Replacing the tariff caps and protecting vulnerable customers by harnessing the competitive process” by S. Littlechild

In this recent report Stephen Littlechild suggests that a replacement for the tariff caps should be a competitive process to determine whether a price to particular vulnerable customers is excessive, and if so to facilitate a voluntary price adjustment or negotiated transfer of customers to another supplier | PDF Continue Reading

S. Littlechild latest submission to CMA

Stephen Littlechild has responded to the CMA’s invitation to comment on its Provisional Decision in its Review of the Prepayment Charges Restriction Order 2016. His response “Why so hasty?” argues against the CMA’s recommendation that Ofgem should extend the duration of the price cap, and suggests instead that Ofgem should be encouraged to review the… Continue Reading