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2009 EPRG Spring Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 – RPI @ 20: THE FUTURE OF GB ELECTRICITY REGULATION  Chairman:  David Newbery Hannah Nixon (Ofgem) Ofgem’s first report and the way forward Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Implications of the Climate Change Act SESSION 2 – DELIVERING THE LOW-CARBON FUTURE  Chairman:  Michael Pollitt Malcolm Keay (OIES) The end of UK electricity liberalisation Michael… Continue Reading

Hao Yu

Hao Yu PhD candidate in Centre for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEP), Beijing Institute of Technology, China ( E-mail: [email protected] Research areas: Energy and environmental policy; Low-carbon energy; Energy efficiency Publications : [1] Hao Yu, Bao-Jun Tang, Xiao-Chen Yuan, Shouyang Wang, Yi-Ming Wei. How do the appliance energy standards work in China? Evidence from… Continue Reading

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2010 EPRG Winter Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 – INVESTMENT  Chair:  Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Andreas Ehrenmann (GDF Suez) & Yves Smeers (UCLouvain) Capacity expansion Jostein Kristensen (Oxera) Investing in UK gas storage SESSION 2 – INTERNATIONAL GAS MARKETS Chair:  Pierre Noel (EPRG) Howard Rogers (OIES) The Atlantic LNG market Chi Kong Chyong (EPRG) European gas without Ukraine? SESSION 3 –… Continue Reading

2010 EPRG Spring Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 – ENERGY DEMAND Chair:  Ben Hobbs (EPRG) Julian Allwood (Univ. of Cambridge) Energy and material efficiency Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Economics of energy demand SESSION 2 – UK POLICY AND POLITICS Chair:  Pierre Noel (EPRG) David Newbery (EPRG) Carbon tax versus low-carbon obligation Willy Rickett (formerly DECC) Reconciling politics and policy SESSION 3… Continue Reading

2011 EPRG Winter Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 – EU V. MEMBER STATES: ISSUES IN POLICY-MAKING Chair: William Nuttall (EPRG) Daniel Radov (NERA) UK carbon price floor versus the ETS Pierre Noël (EPRG) Member States and the EU gas security Regulation SESSION 2 – RENEWABLES AND THE ELECTRICITY MARKET Chair: Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Graham Shuttleworth (NERA) Intermittency and generation investment… Continue Reading

2011 EPRG Spring Semimar

Programme SESSION 1 – WHY SUPPORT RENEWABLES? Chair:  William Nuttall (EPRG) Boaz Moselle (FTI Consulting) Why support renewables? Michael Grubb (EPRG & CCC) Cost, benefits & policy SESSION 2 – SUPPORT SCHEME: WHAT WORKS AND AT WHAT COST?  Chair:  Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Jorge Padilla (Compass Lexecon & CEPR) The Spanish experience David Newbery (EPRG) From… Continue Reading

Op-ed “Time for ‘tough love’ in EU-Ukraine energy relations” by C.K. Chyong and D. Reiner

CK Chyong and D. Reiner published an article “Time for ‘tough love’ in EU-Ukraine energy relations” in Europe’s World policy journal. Published every 4 months, Europe’s World is the only independent Europe-wide policy journal, produced in association with some 150-plus leading European think tanks and academic institutions. “If the EU is too forgiving in its… Continue Reading

2012 EPRG Winter Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 – BALANCING A LOW-CARBON ELECTRICITY SYSTEM Chair: David Newbery (EPRG) Goran Strbac (Imperial College) The 2050 balancing challenge Richard Druce (NERA) Balancing the System in 2050: Policy Challenges SESSION 2 – RESIDENTIAL DEMAND Chair: Michelle Baddeley (EPRG) George Anstey & Graham Shuttleworth (NERA) Economics of ECO Obligation Scott Kelly (EPRG) Household Energy… Continue Reading

2012 EPRG Spring Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 –  SMART METERS AND ELECTRICITY MARKETS Chair:  David Newbery (EPRG) Th.-O. Léauthier (IDEI & Compass Lexecon) Is mandating smart meters smart? Colin Sausman (Ofgem) Smart meters, regulation and market development SESSION 2 – CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR AND PROTECTION                                    Chair:  Vicky Pryce (FTI Consulting) Philip Brutscher (EPRG) Why do people self-disconnect? Stephen Littlechild (EPRG)… Continue Reading

2013 EPRG Spring Seminar

Programme SESSION 1 – TRANSMISSION PLANNING Chair:  Boaz Moselle (FTI Consulting / Compass Lexecon) Jason Mann (FTI) Transmission Investment and Regulation: a Third Way?  Michael Pollitt (EPRG) Does GB Need an Independent System Operator?    SESSION 2 – BALANCING AND CAPACITY MARKETS Chair:  David Newbery (EPRG) Dmitri Perekhodtsev(Compass Lexecon) A Kick to Generation Investment, through… Continue Reading

Article “Power to the Poor” by M. Bazilian

Morgan Bazilian, Lead Energy Specialist at the World Bank and Associate Researcher at EPRG, published an article on world energy poverty in Foreign Affairs magazine. “Some two billion people lack electricity outright or have poor-quality service, and nearly three billion rely on dirty fuels, such as firewood and animal dung, for cooking and heating. Nearly 90 percent of… Continue Reading

C.K. Chyong quoted in “How’s European Gas Race Going?”, AzerNews, 17 March 2015

Chi Kong Chyong was quoted in AzerNews, daily newspaper in Azerbaijan, on his perception about different suppliers of gas to Europe, including Caspian Region, as a solution to EU energy problem due to the crisis in Ukraine. “The Turkish Stream is as about bypassing Ukraine as it is about foreclosing competition from Caspian gas, particular coming from Azerbaijan and… Continue Reading

Visiting EPRG

Potential Visitors to the Energy Policy Research Group (EPRG)  Instructions for Student initiated ‐ Student visitors We welcome a small number of high quality PhD students to the EPRG. There are a number of criteria for a potential visiting student and we will not normally consider any student who does not meet all of these criteria. For… Continue Reading


EPRG welcomes applications for membership from Cambridge PhD Students who are working on energy-related topics.   The benefits of being a member of EPRG: 1. Free invitation to our stakeholder conferences and dinners. This will give you an opportunity to meet with colleagues from academia, industry and government agencies working on energy issues; 2. The… Continue Reading

Presentation “Long Term Supply of Natural Gas – LNG vs. (Russian) Pipeline Gas” by C. von Hirschhausen

Christian von Hirschhausen gave a presentation “Long Term Supply of Natural Gas – LNG vs. (Russian) Pipeline Gas” during EPRG Winter Research Seminar held in Cambridge on 9 December 2005. This presentation is based on joint research with Franziska Holz, Anne Neumann, Ferdinand Pavel, and Sophia Rüster. | PDF Continue Reading

Matti Liski

Matti Liski Professor, Department of Economics, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland Tel: +358-40-3538173 Email: [email protected]  Research Interests: Energy and Environmental Markets; Natural Resources; Applied Microeconomic Theory; Public Economics; Growth; Industrial Organization.   Continue Reading

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2014 EPRG Winter Seminar

Programme SESSION 1: AUCTIONS IN ENERGY POLICY Chair: S. Gammons (NERA) D. Newbery & M. Grubb (EPRG) The Final Hurdle?: Security of supply, the Capacity Mechanism and the role of interconnectors Benjamin Chee (NERA) The U.S. Experience with Auctions in Energy Policy SESSION 2: ROUNDTABLE ON EU ENERGY POLICIES Chair: D. Radov (NERA) P. Dawson… Continue Reading

New EPRG Policy Brief on EU 2030 energy and climate proposals

For full text of the EPRG Policy Brief: ‘Nothing is being done’ to explicitly encourage emissions cut by China and America’  22 October 2014   The 2030 framework on climate change and energy policy being debated at a European Union summit this week has a “glaring omission” by failing to link EU policy to… Continue Reading