NZEC (Near-Zero Emissions Coal plant)

Short Description: NZEC (Near-Zero Emissions Coal plant)

The joint UK-China Near Zero Emissions Coal (NZEC) initiative addresses the challenge of increasing energy production from coal in China and the need to tackle growing CO2 emissions. The EU-China NZEC agreement was signed at the EU-China Summit under the UK’s presidency of the EU in September 2005 as part of the EU-China Partnership on Climate Change. The agreement has the objective of demonstrating advanced, near zero emissions coal technology through CCS in China and the EU by 2020. The UK-China bilateral NZEC initiative was developed in support of this wider agreement. The Cambridge element of the project focused on stakeholder attitudes towards CCS demonstration projects including technology, economics and finance. We developed an online survey instrument that allowed for responses from stakeholders in virtually every Chinese province and region. A study Stakeholder perceptions of demonstrating CCS in China was published in November 2009. See for further information.

Amount Awarded: £38,851 (DECC)

Duration: 1 Dec 2008 – 30 Nov 2009

EPRG Participants: David Reiner, Xi Liang

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